This is the C++ Tutorial Repository for ProLang Tutorials. If you wish to teach a new library that hasn't been covered in the tutorial already, in the Libraries folder, please make a new folder with the name of the library. Example: <cctype>
To use, either download, or copy paste into your editor. Access the .cpp file for that lesson, put what you want to run INSIDE main(), go to your terminal, find the directory you are currently in, and compile.

Useful terminal commands:

$ ls -lt
  • This shows the contents of the current directory you are in. ls is the command for listing files and directories where you currenly are, -l formats it a tad, and -t lists by last edited. The file at the top should be your main.cpp file, if it isn't you are in the wrong directory
$ cd (directoryName)
$ cd ..
  • This goes back one directory. cd is the Change Directory command. .. after it takes you back one directory. The name of a directory in the one you are in currently can be put in after cd to take you to that directory.
$ g++ (fileName).cpp
  • If you are running Windows or Mac, this will compile your code, and make a file in the directory you are currently in. This file is called a.out.
$ ./a.out
  • This will run the computer-generated code you just compiled, and will run your code!


  • Orest Brykowytch
Last modified 3yr ago